Michael Kelly

Restaurant facts: A no-frills Chinese joint located downtown and offering late-night delivery to many distant neighborhoods.

Namesake fact: The original Genghis Khan was a powerful Mongolian warrior from the 13th century who basically conquered the living shit out of everything.

Better-known Genghis Khan facts: We don't know what he looked like. (He forbade all renderings of his likeness during his lifetime.) We don't know where he was buried. (The leak-proof system: Anyone who may have known anything about the secret site was instantly murdered. Then, to be on the safe side, the murderer was murdered. And so on.)

Lesser-known Genghis Khan facts: His family life was apparently quite awkward. Bob Dylan provides the details in "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere": "Genghis Khan and his brother Don/Could not keep on keepin' on." (Biographical facts of Don Khan are unknown.)

Happy hours: Daily 3–6 pm.

Happy-hour drink specials: $1 bottles of beer! (Heineken, Sapporo, Tsingtao, Corona, Bud, and Bud Light.) Available with purchase of appetizer.

The refreshing twist: Appetizer prices aren't spiked to balance out the ridiculously cheap beer. Menu items include $3.95 egg rolls, $5.95 pot stickers, $6.95 crab Rangoon, and more. recommended