Kelly O

The Living Room
1355 Olive Way, 708-6021

Description: A wonderful little Capitol Hill lounge that manages to feel elegant and low-key at the same time.

Key design elements: Spindly glass vases and a pretty blue-and-gold color scheme.

Other living rooms worth celebrating: Dan Nadeau's, who decorates as if he were "a tortured alcoholic homosexual priest with a passion for hunting" and "a queer grandfather on speed" (from Matt Maranian's deeply brilliant Pad: The Guide to Ultra Living).

Key design elements of Dan Nadeau's living room: Taxidermy, religious statuary, homoerotic art, and "antiquated Middle Eastern medical equipment placed atop doily-covered early American furnishings."

Living rooms to avoid: The one located in 1970s serial killer David Berkowitz's apartment, described by Newsweek's Peter Axthelm as "a shrinking world of fear."

Key design elements of David Berkowitz's living room: Squalor, rickety drapes composed of a sleeping bag duct-taped above the window.

Happy hours: 4–7 pm daily.

Happy-hour drink specials: $3 Stella drafts, $2.50 all other drafts (Immortal IPA, 9 Lb. Hammer), $3 wines, $3 well drinks, $5 martinis and manhattans.

Happy-hour food specials: None, but the string cheese is always super cheap ($1). recommended