Michael Kelly

Virginia Inn

1937 First Ave, 728-1937

Description: A lovely old bar and restaurant in downtown Seattle that serves bistro cuisine.

Celebrity happenings: Almost 20 years ago, a scene from Cameron Crowe's Singles was shot here. Paul Giamatti made his vaguely disturbing big-screen debut (he's one of a pair of extras engaged in a heavy make-out session), while Kyra Sedgwick and überdork Campbell Scott sat in the corner booth. (Also quietly showcased: her high-waist stonewashed jeans, his feathery updo.)

Happy hours: Daily 4–6 pm.

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Happy-hour food specials: Fancy appetizers available for half price ($3.50 deviled duck eggs, $4 smoked wild salmon, $4 pâté maison).

Happy-hour drink specials: None, and the drinks aren't particularly cheap. But you'll have to buy one to qualify for the fabulous food specials, so get over it ($5 pints, including Old Seattle Lager and Mothership Wit; $7.50–$8 glasses of wine; $8.50 cocktail specials, such as the Dark and Stormy, featuring Reed's Jamaican root beer, Myers's dark rum, and lime). recommended