Description: A sushi bar and tiki lounge in Belltown.

Decor: Hawaiian-themed kitsch, including a shark jaw, a large-scale tropical-sunset mural, and a taxidermied puffer fish.

Chilling puffer-fish fact: Upon ingesting the poison of the puffer fish, humans can fall into a "zombie" coma, in which the afflicted person remains fully conscious, yet unable to move.

Happy hour: Mon 5–11:30 pm, Tues and Thurs 5–7 pm and 9–11:30 pm, Wed and Fri 5–7 pm, Sun 9–11:30 pm.

Happy-hour drink specials: $3 house sake, $3 beer (Full Sail draft, Session Lager bottle), $4 Blue Hawaiian.

Happy-hour food specials: $3 appetizers, including six-piece California and salmon skin rolls, crunchy unagi hand rolls, and the legendary Spam musubi, composed of Spam, salted rice, and dried seaweed.

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