Description: First Hill's speakeasy-style drinkery and art gallery.

Decor: Gorgeous antique chandeliers, rich red walls, and a dense plastering of artworks (most of it local, all of it for sale).

Macabre furniture oddities: The cocktail tables are recycled from rejected glass headstones whose slight blemishes rendered them unsellable.

Art-purchasing options for the financially inhibited: A vending machine tucked into the bar's back corner carries a budget-friendly array of pocket-sized art treats, including cast-iron fortune cookies, cupcakes constructed in foam and glass, and resin handguns sparkling with glitter (price range: $2–$75).

Happy hour: Mon–Fri 4–7 pm, Sat–Sun 6–7 pm.

Happy-hour drink specials: $3 well drinks, $3.50 drafts (Lazy Boy Porter, Diamond Knot IPA, and others), $1.50 Rainier bottles.

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