Description: A long-standing, ridiculously popular tavern and pizzeria with waxen tablecloths, paper plates, and a series of original David Horsey murals depicting diners enraptured by Northlake's pizza.

Pizza toppings found at the Northlake: Italian beef sausage, spicy barbecue chicken, salami, pepperoni, fresh veggies.

Pizza toppings found elsewhere in the world but not at the Northlake: Eel and squid (Japan), red herring (Russia), green peas (Brazil), coconut (Costa Rica), reindeer sausage (Alaska).

Happy hours: Mon–Fri 2–5 pm.

Happy-hour drink specials: $2 domestic pints (Budweiser, Henry's Ale), $3 microbrew pints (Hale's Cream Ale, Alaskan Amber, and plenty more).

Other specials: Wednesdays bring $1 pints/$3.50 pitchers of PBR, available 11 am–close.