Description: A no-frills neighborhood joint adjacent to the Maple Leaf reservoir.

Decor: Faux wood siding, an unsettlingly huge wide-screen TV, throngs of pull-tab dispensers, various bar games (shuffleboard, darts, pool, pinball), boozy senior citizens.

Lunch specials: $5.25 burger with fries (daily 1–3 pm).

Fun food fact: A burger with fries is the most requested last meal for execution-bound prisoners.

A less-savory last meal, requested by Robert Buell in 2002: A single unpitted black olive.

Happy hours: Mon–Fri 4–6 pm.

Happy-hour drink specials: $2.25 domestic pints (Budweiser, MGD), $3.50 nondomestic pints (Mac & Jack's, Fat Tire), $2.50 well drinks.

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