Kelly O
Kelly O

Description: The First Hill Bar & Grill is a deeply charming dive that's been around forever. Occupying the front space: a pleasant, ordinary diner with old men and mauve seashell-print upholstery and garlands of plastic ivy. But the back lounge blooms into a distinct and unexpected realm—vast and still, with glossy orange underlights and murals on every wall depicting famous Greek ruins.

Other wonderments: Old-timey perfume dispensers in the restroom! For a quarter, a dose shoots out in a thick and luxurious stream. (The price hasn't gone up since 1985; before then, it was a dime.) You get a choice, but if you prefer your odors sharp and powdery, wearing Mademoiselle is fun—until it starts feeling like there's a wad of floral-scented bath tissue lodged in your sinus. The same man maintained the perfume machines for more than three decades, but George, the owner, never met him—not once in 32 years. He somehow always slipped in just after George had left. (The man has since passed on; his family now handles the upkeep.)

Happy hours: Daily 4–8 pm.

Happy-hour drink specials: $3 domestics (Miller Light), $4 micros (Red Hook), $2.50–$3 tall cans (Busch, Bud), $3 wells, $4 wines.

Happy-hour food specials: A good list of tasty Greek appetizers, such as $4.50 souvlaki skewers (chicken or pork) with pita, and $4.95 saganaki seared-cheese appetizer (which is literally brought to you ON FIRE). recommended