Kelly O

Description: Nettletown is a healthy foods restaurant in Eastlake. It's lodged in the center of a mini-mall, but feels woodsy and enchanted all the same. The order-at-the-counter setup brings a proactive feel, a little like foraging, and the decor suggests a fairy-tale cottage, with salvaged wood, bowls of pine cones, and, in tiny vases everywhere, ferns with leaves curling into pretty green beads. At noon on a Saturday, sunlight coats the room, and there's a good share of elderly people—the clean and friendly kind. No one is staring mournfully into space.

Sharing Nettletown's strip mall: A convenience store, a Subway, and a teriyaki joint. (Right next door: a video store and tanning salon.)

Happy hours: Wed–Sat 2:30– 5:30 pm.

Happy-hour drink specials: Fifty cents off coffee, tea, and sparkling soda; $1 off wine (Porto Rocha), beer (Rogue Juniper), and cocktails (huckleberry mimosa); $4 off wine bottles and sake.

Happy-hour food specials: A deeply affordable list of snacks, drawn from Swiss and Chinese recipes and made from local food sources, such as $2.50 crispy ginger seaweed and the $1.75 tea egg (hard boiled and soaked in tea, soy sauce, and spices). recommended