Kelly O

Description: Open a few months now, Locöl is a West Seattle joint that manages to feel both deeply welcoming and a little fancy. The decor is trendy but offhand, with sleek wood walls and glossy cement floors, and a collection of mason jars, antique typewriters, and lightbulbs in cages pushing the faddy steampunk revival.

The scene: On a Wednesday afternoon, a woman sits alone at the bar, transfixed by crisis. She stares into the countertop, thinking hard about what she should do. The rest of the patrons are chatty and placid, and all of them squint into the sunlight, which is everywhere.

Worth noting: A tanning salon once occupied the space, which is fun to envision—everyone naked and prone, baking themselves in private ovens. After that business ended, the building was neglected for years, and the renovation was brutal. Rain had seeped in, ruining the plaster. "You could dip your finger into the walls," says Locöl's owner.

Happy hours: Mon–Fri 4–6 pm and 10 pm–2 am, Sat–Sun noon–6 pm and 10 pm–2 am.

Happy-hour drink specials: $4 pints (Odin, Two Beers IPA), $5 glasses of wine (Mirassou pinot noir).

Happy-hour food specials: None, but the small menu brings wholesome treats and fair prices—$4 brownies (gluten-free, with spicy caramel sauce), $4 kale chips. recommended