Description: The sister restaurant of Bleu Bistro, Capitol Hill's Chez Gaudy features the same labyrinthine layout, snug dining areas, and heaps of thrift-store miscellany.

Sounds: A disconnected string of hits ranging from Taylor Swift to Dave Matthews.

Restroom wonderments: A mirror hanging in the otherwise unassuming unisex bathroom is illuminated by a naked red light bulb, yielding the most flattering reflection of yourself you've ever seen.

Other famous enchanted-mirror tricks: The providing of superficial appraisals (Snow White), the summoning of Tony Todd (Candyman).

Happy hours: Tues 6–8 pm and 8:30–10:30 pm.

Does happy hour really stop for a half hour, then start up again?: Yes. I double-checked with the bar manager. Go figure.

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Happy-hour drink specials: Select bottles of wine $8.

Happy-hour food specials: $2–$5 tapas, including small plates of lasagna or mac 'n' cheese. recommended