The Hiphop Tip

by Samuel L. Chesneau

In support of their Seattle comrades, the legendary local hiphop pioneers Source of Labor, DJ Maseo from De La Soul and MC Supernatural are coming back for another lengthy stay in our city. While in town, they'll swing by two of the longest-lasting hiphop-themed nights in town. This Friday, January 23, at a special Jumbalaya, Supernatural will be the Baltic Room's special guest host as Maseo spins alongside Vitamin D, and the house band comprises Source of Labor's Dvonne Lewis, Kevin Hudson, and Darrius Willrich.

Willrich hit a major milestone in 2003 when he was voted one of KUBE 93's top local artists for both his album Love Will Visit and for the title-track single. The multi-talented performer will also be on hand at Chop Suey on Saturday, January 24, playing keyboards for SOL in one of that group's final performances. The show will also feature Maseo and Supernatural, as well as Beyond Reality and Grayskul--who were recently added to Atmosphere's West Coast tour along with Blueprint from Soul Position and Eyedea & Abilities. The Atmosphere tour is a major move indeed for Grayskul's Onry Ozzborn and JFK, and that lineup hits Seattle Tuesday, February 3, at the Showbox.

It's out with the old, in with the new, as the final Chop Suey appearance for Yo, Son! happens this Sunday before the night moves a couple blocks down to the newly renovated Noiselab/ space--now called Neumo's. The night is definitely leaving its original home with a bang, though, as Maseo and Supernatural will both be on hand that evening as well. Yo, Son!'s house spinner, DJ Scene, is enthusiastic about trading off with the De La Soul star, saying, "It'll be very exciting to step up with the legendary DJ from De La Soul and I'm definitely looking forward to [having] Supernatural on the mic while I'm spinning."

As for why Stuck Under the Needle moved Yo, Son!, co-creator Marcus Lalario says, "[It was] just the fact that we wanted to do a Saturday [club night]. Doing a Sunday night and staying up late just fucked with my whole work week."

Scene believes the change of scenery will be good for the hiphop night, though. "I like Chop Suey and think it's a great club," he says, "but it's time to start something fresh for 2004 and do it different."

With Soul One pairing up with Scene once Yo, Son! hits Neumo's, the duo will definitely keep all the b-boys happy, as Soul One (along with Supreme and Fever) is one of the original b-boys in town. When asked about joining Scene, Soul says confidently, "I'm a nice guy, and people like me. That should be reason enough to come to the night. I'm on some crazy shit, an array of musical style consumed and regurgitated into a hiphop form. It's gonna be riveting, I tell ya, four stars and one of the best nights of the year. Gene Siskel came back from the dead just to give it the thumbs up."

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