Juanita More has visited us quite a bit in the last year or so. This is a stone-cold fact. But there is no such thing as too much More—any damn fool can tell you that! Where are you from? Where's your manners? She and her baubles and bangles and booty-bumping sets are swimming upstream all the way from San Francisco to dazzle us with her singular More-ish dazzliness once again. Nark Magazine, the Social, and Fringe Presents (which might possibly be the same thing—experts are baffled at this juncture) bring Juanita and LA DJ/club promoter Victor Rodriguez to town again tonight for one night only (as it were) to spin your head off and delight your deepest depravities while feeding you glamorous Jell-O shots. The Eagle, 10 pm, $5, 21+.


Tales from the Musicquarium

Mmm... October is in the air. Can't you smell it? Can't you just taste it? (It tastes SCARY!) It means that Halloween's creeping up on us like some kind of creeping Halloween thing, and lady? I couldn't be more thrilled. Being a loyal minion of, well, you know, SATAN and all, it is my signature holiday—and I use all of my hellish powers to stretch it for the whole damn month whenever I can. I've already put up my scraggly black Halloween tree (with witch-head ornaments and severed-toe garland!), and I am caught between two costumes: (a) Sarah Palin with an ax in her face or (b) Michele Bachmann with an ax in her face. (Decisions, decisions.) And the whole delicious and horrible damn month begins officially tonight as scary, scary Ben DeLaCreme brings us terrifying Tales from the Musicquarium! The show is free and boozily interactive, with a "half horror movie, half live performance," and will be running every Monday of the month. Tonight's kickoff features Bloody Birthday—the 1981 deeply nonclassic film that IMDb calls "far-fetched" and "awful." Perfect! And if that isn't enough, please to enjoy the after-show horror-movie bingo. BOO! Triple Door Musicquarium Lounge, 8 pm, free, 21+.