Tim Summers


So what I'm saying is, PACE YOURSELF—we've got two very most thrilling things happening this evening, and it's crucial that you, um, squeeze them both in, as it were. (If you don't, God will strike little kittens hairy and make your palms go blind.) Luckily! These events have been perfectly timed to ensure that the resourceful gay can make both with a minimum of fuss. So, then! THING THE FIRST: We are being treated to a very rare screening of WAXIE MOON, a documentary film about the colorful and incomparable gender-blending Seattle burlesque treasure known as, well, Waxie Moon. (It all makes so much sense!) This is a never-before-seen version, featuring all kinds of new stuff, and the proceeds will help pay for the new, now, next upcoming Waxie Moon feature called Waxie Moon in Fallen Jewel, which has me, for one, quite twitterpated indeed, as it features not just Ms./Mr. Moon, but just about everyone awesome and wonderful and talented in Seattle who's still living, period. Also, Waxie Moon's real name is Marc. I bet you didn't know that. DO THIS FIRST. Rendezvous, 7 pm, $8, 21+.


THEN DO THIS! The famous New Orleans sissybouncer Big Freedia and crew returns to us for one night only—and if it resembles anything like their LAST one night only up in here, some sissies is gonna get seriously BOUNCED is what. (Word.) This time, Freedia is teaming up with our own Ononos and our good friends Lick (DJs Dewey Decimal and Mathematix), so what I am telling you is do not miss this thing, Miss Thing. Chop Suey, 9 pm, $13, 21+.



Tonight marks the 100th Comeback. Imagine! Eight amazing years of it. A solemn event, fraught with resonance and meaning and embarrassing moments in the bathroom. Resident DJ Colby B—who flies in from NYC every month just to spin the event—takes us for a stroll down Why Comeback Still Rocks Lane: "We've brought legends like Miss Guy, Larry Tee, Candis Cayne, Justin Bond and new beacons like Ssion, Sammy Jo (Scissor Sisters), Sparber, Tubway, and the House of Aviance. We have been going for eight years now and we feel we will be around as long as we are supported. Why the hell else would I fly across the country every month?" Chop Suey, 9 pm, $10, 21+.