THIS ELECTION IS KILLING ME. I am far too emotional. I burst into tears at the drop of a handkerchief. I can barely finish the seven bottles of wine per day that my naturopath prescribed. It's not attractive. Please look away.

And that's why I haven't said a gosh-darn thing about the Approve 74 thing, okay? Or about this entire "Obama" situation or even Inslee or the Pot Law Thing or WHATTHEFUCKHAVEYOU. (Even though our very lives hang by a silken gay thread!) And I rarely draw attention to anything that is not a live band, a struggling theater company, or a sweaty, drunken bacchanal crammed full of DJs and drag queens these days. You've noticed?

But let me go on the record, dear friends, foes, blood relatives, bloody relatives (TBA), and God in heaven herself: If you vote for the greedy hairspray-headed Reaganbot that has sworn to amend the US Constitution to discriminate against me, YOU DO NOT KNOW ME. I DELETE YOU!

Which brings us to this week's featured event: JK Pop! I've written about JK Pop! before. Big, crazy, super-fun Japo-Korean extravaganza of music, visuals, and dance? This you know. But did you know that the night's creator, Reese Umbaugh, is also in the band Noddy with his husband, Jared Mills, and that they're proud (and anxious) parents to a brood of foster children? And that they donated every cent from their new album, appropriately titled Yes on 74, to Approve 74? They explain:

Support The Stranger

"Being a foster parent is one of the best/scariest things one can possibly do. It's doubly terrifying when you're a gay or lesbian couple without the legal rights of a married couple. I lie awake at night worried about our children if something happened to one or both of us. We're talking about the rights of hospital visitation, taxation and inheritance rights, access to family health coverage, and many other legal protections. We will love each other no matter what, but we're fighting because of what it means for our kids. If you aren't swayed by the civil rights plight of gays and lesbians, do it for the children. Two dads are better than none."

Weep! Approve 74, goddamn it. Barboza, 9 pm, $3, 21+.