There's no way, really, for me to know if YOU already know or whatever (I refuse to read minds, as it leads to poor penmanship, compulsive masturbation, sleeping in, and other notoriously bad habits), so allow me please to explain just in case you don't: TROUBLE happens at Q now. Yes, TROUBLE! Yes, at Q! And oh! I so totally agree. It's been a heck of a journey for Trouble, from its dizzy beginnings way down deep in the depths of Re-bar to that peculiar and confusing (and I predict not-long-for-this-world) Fred Wildlife Refuge place or whatever, settling finally in its shiny new home at Q, where it shall happen every second Friday from now unto eternity. Delightful!

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And, YES, in case you are wondering, recent Emmy winner/Mr. co–It Gets Better TERRY TROUBLE is still at the helm and shall indeed be DJing his buzzing brains (and bulging biceps) out, but please to note that DJ FITS—my perennial favorite, you know—will NOT be involved with this month's installment. He's quite busy traveling abroad or something, the lucky little fucker. And SO! They are bringing you a very special guest in the form of ERIC DUNCAN.

Now, if you are familiar with Eric Duncan, you can stop reading right now and proceed to prepare yourself for the event. (I suggest butterfly-presses and egg-white facials.) If not, then this: Eric Duncan is a big, famous NYC DJ who has done notable underground parties and events for nearly two goddamn decades—most notably for our purposes here, Rub-N-Tug. (Filthy! I know!) Eric has been involved in roughly 12 zillion high-octane projects besides that one (which happens in an old massage parlor, by the way, for extra filth), and has even had his spinny little fingers in remixes for everyone from the Beastie Boys to Grace Jones. (Even Bryan Ferry! Ha!) He's in for one night only, so if you miss it, you will die in a puddle of regret, so I don't recommend it. Also with residents Justice & Treasure, and psychedelic visuals that will be projected all over the walls, the floor, and you, by Lux Collective. Thrill! Q Nightclub, 9 pm, free before 10 pm, $10 after, 21+.

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