FRIDAY 12/14


Never in Divine's most depraved and über-decorated yuletide wet dreams have holiday halls been so damn gaily decked: This just might possibly be one of the drag-queeniest Xmesses in history.

Drag queen Christmas shows! Drag queen Christmas plays! And brunches and bingo and burlesquey cabarets! Flung from Odd Fellows Hall to Columbia City, and generating enough holly jolly tranny radiation to make Santa Claus grow tits.

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The big noise this week—and/or this Xmess in general, thank you—is Homo for the Holidays, one of the brand-newest and brand-spankin'-greatest holiday shows round these here salmon-stinking shores—predominantly dragged-out or otherwise. I'm so in love with Ben DeLaCreme, the progenitrix of the event, and you are, too, of course, if you've got a lick of taste.

Just about five-ish years ago now, Miss DeLaCreme showed up and drew together a truly spangly group of freakishly talented burlesque and cabaret artists, actors, and dancers in order to craft "a grand tradition to be passed down to little queerlettes for generations to come." The result is a unique and entertaining holiday event nonpareil: dripping with sassy satire, saucy as all heck, yet classy enough to bring granny to without too much blushing—a don't-miss, gender-bended winter carnival of song, satire, and sexy, sexy dance. And if it hasn't quite reached the status of venerable tradition (at least not as venerable as, say, Dina Martina or Ham for the Holidays, which are older than Frosty's frozen jingle bells), well, that's just a pesky matter of time. Also featuring the talents of Kitten LaRue, Fuchsia Foxxx, Cherdonna and Lou, Faggoty Randy, and more, plus a certain new little RuPaul's Drag Race contender the kids like to call Jinkx Monsoon. Odd Fellows West Hall, 7 and 10 pm, $20, 21+.