This is a very special edition of the Homosexual Agenda, as we will be departing completely from our usual policy to never, ever pay any attention to R Place whatsoever, and instead utterly and bravely pay a whole bunch of flippin' attention to R Place. But first! We are going to discuss something that I pay lots of attention to every chance I get, because FABULOUS: Sarah Rudinoff and every glorious little thing she ever does. (Now, I know you love her, too, and if I have to fight you, I will.) What you need to know is that she and a handsome pocketful of deeply talented compatriots have developed a new show that is going to blow everybody's pubes out with pure amazeballsness: These Streets. Now, you will want to ask your grandparents about a little thing that happened in the Ancient Way-Before Times called "grunge." Grunge was a new and very special kind of music that involved Seattle, garages, and a lot of no shampoo. (History!) The women of the era are the focus of this fictional story, which has been created with explosive talent, nerve, and "over 40 interviews with the people who lived it." Live music! Live original theater! LIVE SARAH FUCKING RUDINOFF! ACT Theater, 8 pm, $30, all ages.



So anyhoo... R Place. It's the first Seattle gay bar I ever stepped my gay little toe into. It's true! I can remember it like it was only 500 years ago: a shiny new disco pick in my giant Jewfro, my handlebar mustache billowing in the gentle breeze of the air conditioner, enjoying a refreshing room-temperature Zima while watching all of the boys in baseball caps pretend they hadn't gotten totally shitfaced and blown one another a hundred times already. It was a much pool-table-ier place then, and the dartboards roamed proud and free. (More history!) It certainly wasn't the type of place where one might stumble upon a drag cabaret. But the world has turned, the pool tables have gone to heaven, and we are living in the Age of the Queen—a full-blown stampeding drag queen renaissance, in all its bewigged, bacchanalian splendor! So tonight we revisit darling old R Place to enjoy one of the top-notchest drag shows living: Lashes! It happens most every Friday and Saturday and features the truly delightful talents of former Miss Gay Seattle DonaTella Howe, Adrienne Alexander (Portland), Trust James, Lady Chablis, and, of course, more. R Place, 9:30 pm, free, 21+.