Smell that? No, not THAT. This: the bittersweet twinge of fall singing upon the breeze. Bitter! Sweet! And tragic as fuck-all. It's always so damn depressing to kiss another summer good-bye, I know you understand. And what a summer! Red Dresses, Jinkx Monsoonings, cabarets, Cabernets, drag brunches, gay cruises (tee-hee), sexy, sweaty, near-naked Nark events, and so forth. But take heart! Don't stop believin'! (Hold on to that feelin', damn it! HOLD ON TO IT!) Summer isn't in the pine box yet, and this very weekend is veritably fudge-packed with fabulosity. Tonight, for instance, brings us a fistful of burlesque and performance artistes known collectively as the Atomic Bombshells. Yes, burlesque. Yes, as in fancy ladies taking their clothes off! I KNOW! On paper, it might seem a bit peculiar—if not downright, if you'll pardon the expression, queer—for a bunch of big fucking queers to invest attention in such booby shenanigans. THAT'S MADNESS! They have to be seen to be believed. You will recognize beloved names like Kitten LaRue and Lou Henry Hoover (recently gay married, you know, in the most spectacular ceremony) as well as designer/burlesque savant Jamie Von Stratton and more, and they are all fresh off their East Coast tour to bring their bare-skinned magic to us. One weekend only! Columbia City Theater, 9 pm, $22 adv/$25 DOS, 21+.

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Speaking of drag brunches (weren't we just?): They've certainly become something of a BIG FUCKING THING, haven't they? The TITS that is Mama has one, and our old friend SYLVIA's got hers out in Columbia City, too, and now the throbbing drag empire known as Julia's is tossing its feathered tiara into the drag brunch ring. Yes, Julia's, home of Le Faux, recently made super famous by, let's face it, JINKX MONSOON. (She's not there just now, calm down.) It's hosted by their newest Le Faux hostess, the delightful and effing gigantic Kristie Champagne. Julia's Queen of the Brunch Drag Show will have a new theme each week, and this is its inaugural run. Julia's on Broadway, 1:30 pm, $10, all ages.

Washington Ensemble Theatre presents amber, a sensory installation set in the disco era
In this 30-minute multimedia experience, lights & sounds guide groups as they explore a series of immersive spaces.