I know! You were so damn worried. What with Kitten LaRue and Lou Henry Hoover all gay married and up and moved away to New York City, and with Jinkx and Major Scales doing their own equally New Yorky Christmas show, it seemed as if this year's Homo for the Holidays would suffer along without these luminous luminaries and become quite a different show indeed. But the great Gods of Gayness are good, and somehow most of the mad scheduling conflicts and huge distances worked themselves out. This means that My Favorite Holiday Show Ever™ (yes, my very favorite—sorry, Dina and Ham!) will open tonight as fabulously as ever. (However, Scott Shoemaker will be filling in for Jinkx from December 18 to 22, please to note.) This is a wonderful, heartwarming holiday jewel, and if you've seen it, you hunger and ache to see it again (it's like the law or something), and if you haven't? Well. COAL FOR YOU. It's hosted as ever by the magical BenDeLaCreme (star of the next RuPaul's Drag Race season, premiering in February, don'tcha know) and features Faggedy Randy, Ilves Strauss, and the amazing Cherdonna Shinatra. DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW, Miss Thang. Odd Fellows West Hall, 8 pm, $25 adv/$30 DOS, 21+.

FRIDAY 12/13


I've been waiting months for this one, for one bodacious, big-lipped reason: NYC's inimitable Amanda Lepore! Of course, hunka-burning-hottie Bright Light Bright Light all the way from London will be performing, so that's good, as will Rye Rye and our own ArtStar, and Aleksa Manila and Mama Tits will be guest hosting, which is all lovely, of course, however! For me? All I wanna do is bounce up and down on Amanda's trademark cartoon lips. Boing, boing! Neighbours, 10 pm, $17/$35 VIP, 21+.

SUNDAY 12/15

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So you know that Christmas show I just mentioned that Jinkx and the Major are doing off Broadway? Well. There are three crucial things you must know: (a) It's called Unwrapped, (b) it's going to be fucking amazing beyond the telling of it, and (c) they are bringing the fabulous em-effer to us today for two shows only! Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center, 2 and 7 pm, $25/$45 adv VIP, 21+. recommended