Timothy Rysdyke

It was the best of times, it was the even better best of times, and there were some pretty damn good times, too, if I do remember correctly. (Ooh, my poor beer-battered brain!) I do hate to see 2013 go tits up, it's true. But "time" or whatever stubbornly insists on marching gaily forward, mostly regardless of what the hell I think about it, and SO! Here we are, faced once again with looking back on the fabulousity of the big gay year that was and ferreting out its finer moments. So let's do it. (I'll try hard not to make it too Jinkx Monsoon–y. Which will, of course, prove quite impossible, starting in 3... 2...)

So, Jinkx Monsoon. The year began with the announcement that she was competing on RuPaul's Drag Race season five, and 2013 only got Jinkxier from there. She set the theme and/or tone for our entire damn year, beginning on New Year's Eve with a gala Nark event (naturally enough)—the Hey Tranny It's Tranny vs. Party Schmarty NYE Bash. Then, of course, Jinkx went on to seriously kick some befrocked RPDR bootay, racing to a beautiful victory and dragging gay Seattle's heart by the balls along with her. Then an extended off-Broadway run, a European tour, a new holiday show, a gayzillion performances, parties, and events—in a general and most specific way, Jinkx was in a Best of Gay Seattle 2013 category all of her own.

For Best Singular or Recurring Club Event Featuring Drunken Adrian and a Gallon of Tequila, we have a tie: It's a Shit Show last August (another Nark event that blew my skirt right off), featuring that triumvirate of trash Vicky Vox, Willam Belli, and Detox Icunt, that was more fun than a barrel of butt plugs, tied with, well, most ANY of the Dickslaps at the Eagle, which brought us neat things like Colby Keller spanking booths and Jake Shears's butt—but the specific winner is the one in May hosted by Dan Savage, because FREE SEX TOYS.

Next! For Best Live Show with Gay Themes (and Tequila), another tie! Wendy Ho Fo Sho and her filthy-hilarious rap stylings back in October (a joy!), and the Lady Rizo last May with her New York grace and charm, both at the Triple Door Musicquarium.

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And finally, our last and newest category: Best Drag Brunch! This hands down goes to Julia's Queen of the Brunch with Isaac Scott and Kristie Champagne: an ever-changing pageant of talent, color, flair, and mimosas, as tequila with breakfast is tacky. (I can stop anytime I want!)

Now let's see what this "2014" can do. recommended