My God! You've noticed? Of course. It's been at least two whole weeks or something since these little fingers of mine have typed the words "Jinkx Monsoon" for any reason whatsoever. A miracle! A world record! I'm sure! Circle the date in red.

Anyhooters—rare is the week that we don't find ourselves up to our 'mo-ish little teats in some dizzy drunken DJed haze that's crammed full of go-go boys and Jell-O shots. I'm not complaining. But let us depart from tradition a bit, skip the dancing and superstar DJs, flex our brains, and get our big queer geek on instead. If you weren't quite aware, Seattle is home to a thriving population of 'mos who revel, ever so geekishly, in cosplay, sci-fi, so-called "gaming," and the like. It's true! Seattle is also home to more than a fistful of quality and often award-winning queer sci-fi and fantasy fiction writers: Ginn Hale, Astrid Amara, Samuel Jarius Pettit, and Laylah Hunter, to name a few. And these very authors are scheduled to read for you, hob with you, nob with you, rub your elbows, and so forth at Gaylaxy Quest: A Celebration of Queer Sci-Fi and Fantasy—a big geeky freakin' geekfest for geeks thrown by geeky-loving Gay City! Geekariffic. Calamus Auditorium at Gay City, 7 pm, free, all ages.


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The wait has been painful. The stakes? Oh so high. (Even for Seattle.) But finally! The time has come! RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6 begins tonight, and so do myriad watching parties. But! Only one features our hometown hopeful, BenDeLaCreme herself, as hostess, along with everybody's favorite Stranger Genius Award winner, Sarah Rudinoff! This party will happen every Monday throughout the competition, and (lucky, lucky us!) Ben will bless us with tons of inside wisdom and delicious, behind-the-scenes dish. It's gonna be packed, so get there early or the good seats will be gone. GOOD LUCK, BEN! We're counting on you! Century Ballroom, doors at 6:30 pm/show at 9 pm, free, all ages. recommended