A new drag cabaret event! Two freaktastic dragazines called James Majesty and Freckles Riverside put their wiggy heads together and conjured up the READ-ing Rainbow, a night of draggy sorcery featuring basically the entire House of Majesty. (You do totally understand that there are, like, you know, old-fashioned drag houses around? Like the LadyDudes and the Paradiscos and the Champagnes and the LaGarces and, yes, the Majesties? Fact!) "It's a saucy, circus-freak drag show," the creators would like you to understand, and best of all, perhaps? Underagers are most welcome, indeed, although there is a full bar for of-age lushes, as well. I constantly lament the scarcity of underage events in this here town, so this one is a welcome breath of fresh, underagey air. Pro 'mo tip: Since it's relatively early, the underage folks intend to sashay up to Neighbours afterward for their underage night as well. And the of-agers (as t'were)? Well, they are probably going to R Place for Robbie Turner's Play Ground. As one does. The READ-ing Rainbow is happening every second Wednesday of every single month! Can Can, 7 pm, $10, 16+.



DJ Disco Vinnie, whom you shall indeed recognize from things like Mimosas with Mama and such, has decided that everyone just misses the good old days at the Timberline waaaay too much (the wound that never heals—ouch, ouch, ouch!), and THEREFORE! He has decided to use his magical musical powers to re-create the Timberliney vibe with honest-to-'80s (and '70s!) disco in a genuine old-skewl afternoon tea dance! But stay away from the Raisbeck Performance Hall, where the Timberline used to live—this event happens at the Cuff. Plus a barbecue on the patio! The Cuff, 5–10 pm, free, 21+.

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And speaking of Mimosas with Mama, their show, The Wicked Wiz of Oz, is in its final moments on earth, and if you don't see it soon, you are doomed, doomed, DOOMED (Dorothy)! So surrender, there are a mere three more mimosa-filled mornings remaining. In the grand tradition of Mama's other shows (she changes it up every few months, you know), she mashes up The Wizard of Oz with The Wiz, and, of course, adds a great big green dollop of Wicked. It's three adaptations in one! Starring, of course, the towering pile of drag queen herself, Mama Tits, who deserves even more attention lately for facing down those horrible protesters at the Pride Parade this year with her gay counterprotest, a "wall of love." Plus she calls her production company Skyscraper Productions, which just cracks my ass UP. Unicorn, 1 pm, $19.95, 21+. recommended