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We linger now in that bleak and awkward time between Halloween and so-called "Christmas" or whatever, and history dictates that absolutely nothing good will be happening at all, unless you count Thanksgiving, and believe me, you DON'T. (GOD I JUST HATE PILGRIMS SO MUCH.) Therefore you naturally assume that you're just going to have to suck it up and stay in crying with your cat and watching CSI reruns or something horrible like that, right? Well! Shoot your TV in the face, kick that kitty to the curb, and suck those misbegotten tears back into your eyeballs: There's a plethora of big gay thises and thats to sustain us through this darkest of hours. For example: Remember the glory that was the old Fenix Underground? Pioneer Square? It fell down in an earthquake, oh so long ago? Me either. The point is, Trent Von of C89.5 fame was the resident DJ of the Fenix's famous '80s Underground Wave nights, and he's bringing it back from the ashes. Mercury, 9 pm, $5, 21+.

FRIDAY 11/21


Some people get weird about burlesque—they treat it like the rock-hard dime-store candy their grandma had sitting in a dish by the divan: a dusty relic best left in the bowl. Idiots! These people have clearly never exposed themselves (tee-hee!) to Seattle's marvelous explosion of color and camp, the Atomic Bombshells, featuring some of our very luminariest luminaries: Kitten and Lou, BenDeLaCreme, Faggety Randy, Jamie Von Stratton... and since any of these people could read the label on a soup can and make it seem like Mardi Gras, you can just imagine what they do with that "dusty relic" burlesque as they celebrate their troupe's 10th anniversary. Triple Door, 7 pm (17+) and 10 pm (21+), $30–$45, through Nov 22.


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In a remarkably short period of time, Kremwerk has asserted itself as a mecca of Seattle's queer party scene, with notable events happening every weekend. Tonight, DJs Julie Herrera and L.A. Kendall and an impressive roster of talented spinners help kick off a brand-new night for ladies only, something we've needed desperately for eons. The event is hosted by the amazing Kitty Kitty Bang Bang (lord, how I DO adore that name) and will feature a photo booth manned by the talented Andie DeRoux. Kremwerk, 9 pm, $5, 21+. recommended