Bad Actor Productions/Jayson Potter


Annual Seattle Erotic Art Festival and Halloween party returns to Seattle Center October 29 –31!
A weekend of art, performance, readings, & more! Festival ends at Seattle's sexiest Halloween party.


Oh, yes, yes! Tonight brings us every freak's favorite Yoko Ono cover band, the Ononos! (Some folks say that the lead singer is really Marcus Wilson, who is also Ursula Android sometimes, and manages Pony, but that's crazy talk.) With Glass Candy, Chromatics, and Mike Simonetti. Chop Suey, 9 pm, $10 adv/$12 DOS, 21+.



You've waited. (Oh, so long!) You've anticipated! (Oh, so earnestly!) And now! The occasionally quite aptly named Bad Actor Productions is "doing" its latest gender-bended, alcohol-driven evisceration-oops-I-mean-spoof, and this time it's of the 1980s, um, "favorite" (whose? WHOSE?) Working Girl! Here are a few words from Tess, the Girl of Work herself, about the show, its deeper sociopolitical implications, her comedo-tragic role in it, and other junk: "My name is Tess McSwill. I am so excited to be the star in Bad Actor Productions' WORLD PREMIERE of Working Gurl! *giggle!* This book, I mean show-thing, is about me climbing the corporate ladder while fighting discrimination! It involves some of my favoritest things: the human conditioner, cocaine, sausage, and possibly anal sex! It's exactly like the movie, except in this one I'm on a stage and, I think, pregnant. Or a zombie? I forget! *giggle* And, actually, I'm a lot like steak... you pretty much can just order me up!" Hey, gurl! Rendezvous, 7:30 pm, $10 adv/$12 DOS (opening weekend is pay what you can), 21+.



Holy prom dress, Lick! And again into the shadowy-red recesses of Chop Suey we plunge for our very own big, gay formal, with DJs Mathematix and Dewey Decimal. (You are encouraged—nay, demanded!—to dress, dress, DRESS!) High school sucked donkey ass; here's your chance to get it right. Chop Suey, 9:30 pm, $5, 21+.



Support The Stranger

A premier event from the ever- sparkling brains that brought the world things like Fringe (RIP)! This new thing promises to rock your Wednesday panties right off with the mad spinnings of our very best spinners: Gameboy, Chad Neiro, and the hardest working DJ in the twirly, swirly bidness, L.A. Kendall! Havana, 10 pm, $1, 21+.