Steve Gullick


We’re going to need a bigger boat, Seattle Rep presents Bruce.
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Thursday 10/21


See, well, the thing is, Cat Power, damn you! Cat Power! She's playing tonight, this "Cat Power" person (Chan Marshall). And traditionally? She has been quite delightfully, frustratingly, freak-me-out-in-all-the-most-wonderful-ways mad. (Oh, delicious madness! Mother of genius!) The proof? Well, she has sometimes done silly things like forget the words, pull her hair down over her face, and rush offstage while quivering like a hypothermic mongoose, and yes! I've seen it! It's all true! But, still, didn't I clearly just also say that madness is the precursor of genius? (Please pay attention!) And I adore me some Cat Power–brand mad genius—her haunting, pleading, American-gothic thrum makes me smell moonlight and Spanish moss and sweaty bayou secrets and True Blood. It also makes my own batshit little heart itch in places no finger could ever scratch. And since she's lately become a "sober person" or whatever (yawn—I mean, "Congratulations, Chan!"), I wonder: Will there be hair-hiding? Here's hoping. 5th Avenue Theatre, 7 pm, $33, all ages.

Friday 10/22

DOLLS 'N' GUYS: A Musical Roulette

It's certainly no secret, madam. I have vomited, gushed, and crapped myself silly over Sarah Rudinoff and her freakishly fabulous corresponding talents, and rightfully fricking so! Sarah is cohosting/headlining this "by the seat of our pants" musical theater revue (along with a mysterious "beefy hunk" from 5th Ave Theatre), featuring Cherdonna and Lou! Jackie Hell! Members of "Awesome," the Pica Beats, and the Railroad Tycoons! And, yes, MORE! Deeply recommended. Century Ballroom, 8:30 pm, $17, all ages.

Saturday 10/23


Like a gay Great Pumpkin with a coke habit and a wig, Trannyshack rises each October round this time to dazzle our eyes and terrify our spirits. Let's all consider this, the Trannyshack Spooktacular, to be the official kickoff event of the gay Halloween season. Shall we? With Heklina, Ursula Android, Ade, and tons more. BOO! Chop Suey, 9:30 pm, $10, 21+.