Thursday 11/4


Historically, the sad, dark week after Halloween is naught but a dreary graveyard of last-week's-spooky-dreams; the dusty, feetless ghosts of future diabetes (I'm only helping!); just a smattering of mild alcohol poisoning, perhaps; and tears. It's the first slippery slip down the slope toward, ugh, Thanksgiving. (A dry-birded holiday only a Puritan could love.) But the dread and most delightful gods of Gayness have provided their twisted children with a most potent remedy: the triumphant return of the Way Gay Sing Along at Central Cinema! Indeed! Cher will be Cher-ed, Gaga shall be Gaga-ed, WHAM! shall be good and fucking Wham-ed (AT LAST!), Frankie shall Re-LAX, and you will be part of it all. Sing! Dip your vocal, karaoke feet in the rainbow waters of guilty gay musical pleasures! How could any h-mo possibly remain depressed? (I ask you.) Central Cinema, 8 pm, $6 adv/$8 DOS, all ages.

Saturday 11/6


To further chase away that depressing and inevitable post-Halloween malaise, we gather to warm our gay hearts in the queer, queer light of an unhinged night of way-too-many-fucking-things. Three things! All tonight! (Please, party-making people... get ye damn selves together and COORDINATE.) It begins with the glorious five-year anniversary of Bacon Strip, the once-a-month bacchanal that brings you psychologically scarring drag acts, practically naked hot guys, and congestive fucking heart failure. (And other things perhaps also. Beware the smiling stranger!) Tonight's theme is superhero. Again. So. Anyway. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you bacony beast! Re-bar, 10:30 pm, $7, 21+.


This will be the last Lick for a while—so, queers, start your tongue engines! Staring DJs Dewey Decimal and Mathematix. (Squeal!) Chop Suey, 9:30 pm, $5, 21+.


Support The Stranger

If you are unfamiliar with the concept, allow me: big guys with lots of sexy body hair strip down to practically nothin', dance, drink beer, and give each other "beard rubs." It travels, this party; it happens in San Francisco and Portland, too. Tonight, it's Seattle's turn. Bear season has begun! The Eagle, 9 pm, $7/$5 before 10 pm, 21+.