THURS–SAT 3/10–12


Are you fond of plasma-vomiting elevators and creepy little boys who speak with their pointer fingers? Do you work too much and play too little (with your family's INTESTINES)? Are you often overtaken by the urge to bash Shelley Duvall's face in? (Get in line.) Are you constantly wondering, "Where the hell is that Johnny, anyhow?" Ho, ho, then! You are about to have your brain raped by freakish delightfulness. Tonight, the twisted brain of Ian Bell—actor, director, former caterpillar, and birther of the famous and most eponymous Ian Bell's Brown Derby theater series—will birth for you a terrifying and hilarious stage adaptation of Stephen King's The Shining, with Nick Garrison and Dusty Warren! Three nights only! (REDRUM!!!) Re-bar, 8 pm, $15, 21+.



Besides bashed-in Shelley Duvall face, are you also fond of things that are spectacular, culturally rich, multifaceted, and just TOTES the fuck AWESOME in general? Ho, ho, then! Tonight is the new SAM Remix, a mega multievent featuring a real-live in-person looky-loo (and listeny-loo) at the real and alive Nick Cave (not the singer), a New Orleans–style marching band (that will march bandishly!), and too many millions of other fabulous things to even mention here (fabulous!). And, best of all perhaps, the glorious DJ Riz spinning for you "all night long." Sponsored by Pernod Absinthe. (NO RUM!!!) SAM, 8 pm, $20 (first 50 folks in masks FREE), 18+.

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Tantalizing rumors of the Fred Wildlife Refuge—which isn't a wildlife refuge at all, really, more like an artsy inner-city multiuse space (oh, the irony!)—have been snowing softly on my brain for months, and now it has become the new home to Trouble (formerly Trouble Dicso) as it makes its triumphant move to the hill. Twin bars! Two rooms! DJs Heavy Dicso, SunTzu Sound, Kid Hops, and Fucking in the Streets! And, naturally, "immersive visual projections"! (Ooohh... immersive! Visual! Projecty!) Fred Wildlife Refuge, 10 pm, $10, 21+.