We need to talk about a few things. First! Jason Miller! He is the charming and winsome curator of so many fabulous things. (All of said things have something in common: CENTRAL CINEMA AND CRAZY MOVIES and, like I said, Jason Miller, which is clearly three somethings in common, but DON'T INTERRUPT!) We also must discuss Labyrinth! And Teen Witch! And Footloose! And even more... more... MORE! These are freaky-fabulous 1980s movies with related freaky-fabulous 1980s songs. Tonight, Mr. Miller will guide us on a musical journey (off a cliff) as we sing these fabulous 1980s movie songs, together, loudly, and quite drunkenly. Mr. Miller says, "I'm so excited to be hosting! It is basically a mix of all sorts of goodness, from David Bowie's codpiece in Labyrinth to the sweaty hot action that is Top Gun. I always 'try' to resist dancing, but after a couple of beers, I most likely won't be able to contain myself when 'Let's Hear It for the Boy' comes on. Also, we NOW HAVE CHEESECAKE!" Cheesecake?! Jesus. He had me at Teen Witch. Central Cinema, 8 pm, $9 adv/$11 DOS, all ages.

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Let's try out this new thing we've never done before! It's once a month (every fourth Saturday, if you must know—AND YOU MUST!) and it's at the Baltic Room. It's called ((Dialed)). JT Hooker, who is responsible for the night's visual vibe, tells us, "Count on the freshest, deepest house nastiness, and the dance floor groovy-est DJs/producers from around the world. I'm saving my best projections/installations to complement an evening that keeps you dancing all night long and into next week. Fill the hunger in your heart!" DJs Wesley Holmes (sexy!) and Jeromy Nail will be joined by the Littlemen, who were born in England, so probably still have their foreskins intact. Which is really quite beside the point. (Or is it?) Baltic Room, 9 pm, $5 before 10:30 pm/$10 after, 21+.