New musical premieres in West Seattle Junction - WE'VE BATTLED MONSTERS BEFORE
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(Hold your damn horses! Before we get on with the usual glittery pile of twaddle and fluff: I owe the new C.C.'s a great big stinking pile of "I'm sorry," damn it all. And I'm a big enough 'mo to admit it. I went [yes, finally], I saw [yes, with my eyes], and, well, it got... better. [I'm sensing a serious theme here.] The bartender could have shown a couple of teeth, but fuck it: I got my cake—and drank it, too. The music? Just fine. The drinks? How the hell do I know, I drink wine. [Which was fine.] The ambience? A bar. And the crowd? Well, guys who weren't so hard to look at and who had somehow forgotten to put their shirts on were making out and/or coming close to making out in every corner—and the place has LOTS of corners. And I'm pro public faggotry. Also, corners. So. I'm sorry, C.C.'s. Okay, already? I'M SORRY. And I'm going back tonight—incognito, of course. Just in case. [Gay bars can hold some GRUDGES.]) You should, too. C.C. Attle's, 8 pm, free, 21+.



There MUST be some homos lingering in West Seattle, right? It's statistically impossible otherwise. And I never do anything for these poor neighborhood-challenged 'mos, do I? Hell no! I haven't even mentioned the brand-new gay bar there, called "Out West" or something horrible. And I still ain't gonna. But we are going to talk about West Seattle's Skylark Cafe and Club, which has taken to hosting every-second-Saturday drag-queen cabaret brunches, featuring champagne and bellinis and a drag queen called "Aphelia Bottom" (bwahaha!). Also, any gay thing with the word "Out" in it (in this day and age!) really. Drives. Me. CRAZY. Please to note. Skylark Cafe, noon–2 pm, free/$35 VIP, all ages.


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A personal favoritest! The musical sing-along put on by Three Dollar Bill Cinema returns, so bone up on your Chicagos and your Hairsprays, your Annies and your Rents... it's time. Rendezvous, 7 pm, $5, 21+.

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