Parini CD Release

w/Faster Tiger, The Ruby Dare, DJ Lay D Caroline

Fri Feb 19 Breakroom

In his article above, Chris Letcher bemoans the fact that, in music, anguish and rage done with intelligence is in short supply these days. Well, jeez--he doesn't need to look too far for relief... only as far as Seattle's own Parini, in fact--whose music resonates with exactly the same soft/loud female vocal technique, barbed guitar chords, and out-of-control drumming which made us fall for Babes in Toyland all those years ago. A duo that fully understands the stupidity of extraneous musicians, live, singer/guitarist Lisa Orth and drummer Dan Paulus can often be riveting--sounds and chords falling over one another in a rigorous welter of emotion. These are people you don't want to get too close to, you feel--these people bleed. The fact that when I first encountered Lisa a few months back we got into a brawl only endears her band further to me.

To celebrate the release of their debut Big Flaming Ego CD Parini, we decided to throw some questions from next month's Excellent music special their way....What is the nature of your quest?Lisa: Static reactionaries in the sonic revolution... terrorizing (in)finite space since 1898... tu viens quand tu veux.

Dan: Ditto.Do you believe in magic?Dan: In a young girl's eyes.

Lisa: Ditto.What would you rather do without: science fiction, or the color black?Dan: Though painted mainly in shades of gray and silver, sci-fi would be nothing without the endless blackness of space. Conversely, what good is black without the futurist mentality that keeps it from becoming a big, pompous goth-fest? Ultimately the question negates itself.

Lisa: I cannot live without Star Trek Voyager....Which heavy is better--British or American?Dan: Northwest is best--Earth, Unearth, Hovercraft, BlöödHag, Promise Keepers, The Orifice....

Lisa: Don't forget AC/DC and the Bangs!What is the official practice at heavy metal shows--do you go with your buddies, or do you take your girlfriend?Dan: In an ideal world they are one and the same.

Lisa: I only fuck my friends.If there's a rock and roll heaven, who'd be in your favorite dead rock band?Lisa: Mick Ronson, Nico, Klaus Nomi, Karen Carpenter.

Dan: John Cage.Where do you weigh in on mustaches?Dan: I take mine on the side.

Lisa: I take mine out on special occasions... every girl should have one.Most massive guitarist?Lisa: Radio from the Need.

Dan: One who doesn't solo.Most massive drummer?Lisa: Maureen Tucker.

Dan: Rick from Hovercraft. The Most Individualistic award goes to Rachel of the Need and Julio of Sick Bees.Who's the competition?Dan: See above answer.

Lisa: Wouldn't you rather be dancing at

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