The characters in this French animated film live inside the world of a painting. They are divided into three classes: Alldunns (completely painted), Halfies (painted but unfinished), and Sketchies (only drawn). The snooty Alldunns live in the palace and have all the power, and they discriminate against the other groups (“There is no shame in being superior, are we not the most beautiful?”). The lower castes hold out hope that the painter is going to come back and finish the painting, ending their less-happy existence.

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As for the plot: An Alldunn who is in love with a Halfie (causing much discord) goes with a Halfie and a Sketchie in search of the painter. They want to meet their maker and convince him to complete his work. Their journey takes them into the far reaches of their painting, then outside into the painter’s studio, and into other canvases, where they encounter different painted worlds.

It’s for kids, so the lessons on the evils of prejudice are pretty heavy-handed, and the message that they would all be happier if they were more the same is a bit odd, but the animation is pretty cool, and it’s neat the way the characters move between the worlds. Because it’s French, there is some (painting) nudity and some sadness, and overall it is somewhat more interesting than the stuff usually offered to children. recommended