Tomorrow People
recommendedrecommendedrecommended1/2 (out of 4)

On Tomorrow People, the Physics' fifth release since their 2007 debut, producer Justo and blood-brother MCs Thig Nat and Monk Wordsmith (not to mention their extended crew, including an ace band and the singers Malice & Mario Sweet) are at their most tasteful—and the longer they steep, the richer and deeper that flavor seems to become. From the gurgling bass line of opener "So Funky" onward, the Physics keep lit the flame of snifter-sipping, two-stepping Soufend game with no shortage of slickness, sweet soul, and determined-to-get-on heart. Esquires Thig and Monk (and a sharp guest cast including Sol, Jarv Dee, Grynch, Bambu, Isabella Du Graf, and Porter Ray) possess a singular gentleman swag that perfectly complements the slow-ride sway of Justo's ever-increasingly adept production, arguably the real star of Tomorrow. There's probably no other group that better exemplifies Seattle's hiphop cool, and you could hardly imagine better ambassadors of our deep, watery homegrown flow. recommended