So I recently was afforded the opportunity to release a full-length record, Choklate, into the world. The release date was this past May. In all honesty, it has been a challenging and interesting journey, and I have to say that Seattle has showed me a support I never expected to receive. But without the record's producers—Vitamin D, Jake One, BeanOne, Kuddie Mak, Jay Townsend, and Amos Miller—all of this would not have been possible. Here is my down-to-the-button description of each of them.

Vitamin D (Produced six tracks, coproduced three more, recorded, engineered, and mixed the entire project)

Vitamin D connects with music on a level that I've never experienced with on besides Vitamin D who I've worked with lately who can hear things that I don't hear while I'm recording. He's a really innovative vocalist, so the creativity between us is simply wonderful for me. Whereas the other producers are beatmakers with ears that guide them to other sound spaces that make their beats sound more like music, this Townsend is a solid musician and can play multiple instruments and come up with crazy intricate harmonies. I wish I could work with him all the time, truthfully. Working with him showed me a softer, more fluid side of my voice—a sweeter Choklate.

Amos Miller (Produced “Heavy”)

Amos is a kewl guy. Period. Sometimes too kewl. He knows what I mean by that. The track he did on the record was picked from a beat CD that had been playing in Sal's Barbershop one morning while I was at the side hustle, braidin' someone's hair, and it caught me instantly. That track was a needed element for this record. By "element" I mean that dark, ol-gangsta feel, that's the Scarface beat of the record—sorrowful and sweet but hard at the same time. Amos seems to truly be one who loves music and gets great joy from the art of creating and being innovative. He's about his business too. He leaves no rock unturned. Ame's a kewl guy. Period.

Kuddie Mak (Produced “Love It” and “Getting Is Good”)

Kuddie is my family. So we fight, bicker, laugh, and crack jokes—you know how family is. So it's hard to talk about working with him 'cause I know him outside of music. We're blood. I've lived life right alongside him so it's different in that way with him for me. He's the West Coast 'hood champ. He's the champ, providing a slew of beats that all have the sound quality any artist desires... the beats that make sure you move your feet. He's produced for tons of West Coast artists and continues to have that liquid Left Coast sound and feel on lock. He digs deep to make beats for R&B/soul artists. My song "Long Way" was inspired by him. The first verse says, "I remember when/we was just little kids, bangin' on the pots and pans,/'bout to get it by both our mothers." That was me and Kuddie back in the day on the kitchen floor in our San Diego home makin' a racket. Kuddie knows the truth of that song. I love him. I'd kill for him. I'd beat a broad to pulp for him. He knows it. That's my family. Not just "fam." That is my FAMILY. 'Nuff said.

Check Choklate online at Choklate performs Wed Aug 16 at Neumos.