There is nothing I love more than watching people get kicked in the face. When I saw The Raid: Redemption two years ago, I was so excited I could barely stay in my seat. Every face got kicked! Multiple times! It was brutal and quick-paced and glorious, and I couldn’t wait for the sequel. Something has gone wrong, though, and the sequel is terrible. Want to know how to mess up a movie about people getting kicked in the face? Give them extensive dialogue, daddy issues, and only let a handful of people get kicked in the face every 20 minutes for two and a half hours.

Rama is still the badassed center of the story, but he’s so busy infiltrating the top drug family that he forgets his primary job, which is brutally kicking people about the face and body at all times. There are too many story lines to follow—jail, false identities, drug wars, corrupt police, a high-speed car chase—which dilutes the action when it does happen. It’s worth it if you want to see a badass woman fight with hammers or an intensely choreographed prison fight, but if you want to see faces kicked and nonstop mass brutality, I’d skip it. recommended