Best Advertiser Featuring Gay, Interracial Versions of Nancy & Sluggo: Re-Bar

Best Advertiser Who Almost Stopped Advertising with Us after We Wrote about Someone Pooping on the Floor of Their Establishment: Seattle Repertory Theatre

Best Advertiser Who Has Laid Hands upon a Majority of the Stranger Staff: Bevin Keely, LMP, Rolfing Queen

Best Advertiser Featuring a Sexy Cartoon Dog: The Feed Bag

Best Advertiser Making Use of Spot-Color Green: The Last Supper Club

Best Advertiser Featuring a Bulldog Using Chopsticks: Ai Japanese Restaurant

Best Advertiser Celebrating the Celtic Imagination: Gaelsong

Best Advertiser Whose Ads Feature a Googly-Eyed Varmint of Indeterminate Species Wearing Leather: Second Time Around Runner-Up: The Crypt

Best Advertiser Selling Statues of Gargoyles: Gargoyles Statuary

Best Advertiser Dedicated to the Proper Care of Women's Nether Regions (tie): Aradia Women's Health Center, and Aurora Medical Services

Best Advertiser Using Bubble Lettering in Their Ads: Gorditos

Best Advertiser Using a Kinks Song Title in Their Ads: Lava Lounge

Best Advertiser Who Named Their Pub after a Tom Waits Album: Big Time Brewing Company

Best Advertiser Offering the World's Greatest Steak-n-Eggs Breakfast: 14 Carrot Café

Best Advertiser Selling Yummy, Yummy Crepes: 611 Supreme

Best Advertiser Who Totally Got the Joke of This Issue and We Love Them: 8 Limbs Yoga

Best Advertiser Whose Name Rhymes with "Full Hog Blues": Bulldog News

Best Advertiser Boasting Super-Stylish Ad Materials in Their Store Window Displays: Crescent Downworks

Best Advertiser Offering Footwear Sold by a Lust-Worthy Staff: Five Doors Up

Best Advertiser Elegantly Advertising Other People's Junk: Fremont Sunday Market

Best Advertiser Our Ad Rep Anna Says Is "Just Fucking Awesome": Maritime Pacific Brewing Company

Best Advertiser Offering Custom-Made Corsets: One Wilde Knight

Best Advertiser Located at the Bottom of a Steep Flight of Metal Stairs: Pike Pub & Brewery

Best Advertiser Doing Their Part for Population Control: Planned Parenthood

Best Advertiser Who's Advertised with Us for a Long, Long Time and Is Super Sweet to Boot: Realtime Audio

Best Advertiser Helping Broke Folks Get a Place to Live: Seattle Emergency Housing Service

Best Advertiser Selling Seafood to University Students: University Seafood

Best Advertiser Featuring an HIV-Positive Superhero: UW's "Positive Power"

Best Advertiser Who Was Passionately Supportive of Our "Count the Steve Pools" Contest: Tina's Diner

Best Advertiser Who Pulled Their Ad with Us to Run It in the Seattle Weekly after a Weekly Ad Rep Promised to Buy Their Ad Rep a Steak Dinner: Nettwork Records

Best Advertiser Who Happens to Be Sisters: Belltown Yoga

Best Advertiser Who Always Gives Us Kick-Ass Prizes for Pizzazz!: Guemes Island Resort

Best Advertiser Serving the Best Barbecue: Jones Barbecue

Best Advertiser Whose Business Is Named after a Dead Dog: Otis Café

Best Advertiser with Sexy Italian Accent (tie): Pomodoro, and Luigi's Grotto

Best Advertiser the Stranger Sales Staff Has the Easiest Time Eroticizing: The staff at Atlas Clothing

Best Advertiser Using a Bucking Bronco in Their Ad:

Best Advertiser Single-Handedly Keeping Pioneer Square Nightlife Alive: "Pub Club"

Best Advertiser Plying Wares to Help You Suffer:

Best Advertiser Bringing Mummenschanz to Seattle: UW World Series

Best Advertiser Bringing the World's Literature to the Stage: Book-It Repertory Theatre

Best Advertiser Frequently Name-Dropped in Savage Love: Toys in Babeland

Best Advertiser Offering Genuine Shag Merchandise: Rialto Movie Art

Best Advertiser Whose Ads Feature Clowns (tie): Shorty's, and Floyd's Place

Best Advertiser Whose Owner Is Head of the Broadway Business Association and Bears a Striking Resemblance to the Dad on Beverly Hills 90210: Deluxe Bar & Grill

Best Advertiser Who's Been Super-Duper Nice to Us the Whole Time We've Inhabited the Offices above Them: Velo Bike Shop

Best Advertiser Featuring an Adorable Illo of a Dancing Elephant: Phatso Phridays w/DJ Riz at Re-bar

Best Advertiser Who Used to Receive Customers in the Rear: Neighbours

Best Advertiser Named After the Sweet Nectar Produced from a Woman's Teat: Mother's Milk

Best Advertiser Whose Name Successfully Combines Two Great Things: Erotica and Baked Goods: The Erotic Bakery

Best Advertiser Whose Initials Probably Do Not Stand for "Big Moose Grill": BMG Distribution

Best Advertiser Who Apparently Specializes in Offering Resources for Living Abundantly: Abundant Living Resources

Best Advertiser Who Evidently Does Not Outfit the City's Bus Drivers: Metro Clothing

Best Advertiser Named after an Entrance: Red Door Tavern

Best Advertiser Promising Both Tea and Vegetarian Fare in Its Moniker: Teapot Vegetarian House

Best Advertiser Whose Name Suggests a Place Where Cops Can Never Peg a Crime on You as Long as You Are Inside Their Establishment: Alibi Room

Best Advertiser Named after a Clumsy, Canine-Like Disney Character: Goofy's

Best Advertiser Who Is Undoubtedly a Lock for "Best Pizza" in Seattle Weekly's "Best of Seattle" Issue Once Again This Year: Pagliacci Pizzeria

Best Advertiser Whose Name Brilliantly Combines Two of a Geek's Favorite Things--Comics and Dungeons & Dragons--into a Handy Moniker: Comics Dungeon

Best Advertiser Named after Two Animals Indigenous to a Former Penal Colony: Kangaroo and Kiwi

Best Advertiser Whose Name Is Funny Enough on Its Own: The Artichoke Project

Best Advertiser Whose Name Suggests the Escaping of a Wrestling Move: Out from Underneath

Best Advertiser Whose Name Means "Circus of Fire": Cirque de Flambé

Best Advertiser Named after a City Recently Freed from the Tyranny of the Nefarious Taliban: Kabul Afghan Cuisine

Best Advertiser Whose Name Is Brilliantly Simple: House of Pizza and Pasta

Best Advertiser Who Evidently Works from Sunup to Sundown: All Day Productions

Best Advertiser Whose Name Hints at a Cross Between a Beloved Charles Schultz Character and Actress Natalie Wood: Charlie Drown

Best Advertiser Who Resides in a Mysterious Place Called "Northrup": Inn at Northrup Station

Best Advertiser Who Once Housed the Beatles, the Who, and (We Think) the Rolling Stones: Edgewater Hotel

Best Advertiser Named after a Formerly Ethnic New York Neighborhood That Was Mercilessly Seized by Gentrification: Hell's Kitchen

Best Advertiser Whose Name Inspires Visions of Japanese Anime: Girl Bound

Best Advertiser Who Can Count Actor Dan Aykroyd as One of Its Initial Investors: House of Blues Concerts

Best Advertiser Whose Distribution Powers Apparently Stretch Beyond This Blue Marble We Call Earth: Universal Distribution

Best Advertiser Who Houses Urban Outfitters, the Gap, Fred Meyer, Broadway Video, Bulldog News, Hot Topic, Gold's Gym, A Mixed Bag, Amsterdam, B&O Espresso, Blooms on Broadway, Broadway Wireless, Candy King, Capitol Hill Travel, Cingular Wireless, City Hair, Entertainment Works, Fashion Accessories, Full House Asian Cuisine, Gravity Bar, Gyro World, La Batelle, Lady Bug Soap Works, Massage Ship, Rockin' Betty's, Senza Nulla, the Power Company, Ticket/Ticket, Torero's, Uzuri, Yazdi, Zebraclub, and a Liquor Store: Broadway Market

Best Advertiser Promoting a Delicious Seafood Festival: Ballard Chamber of Commerce

Best Advertiser Named after a Hideous Woman Beheaded (And Subsequently Used to Defeat the Kraken) by Perseus in Clash of the Titans: Club Medusa

Best Advertiser Who Kindly Gives Actress Josie Bissett Work after the Demise of Melrose Place: Gene Juarez Salon

Best Advertiser Whose Name Doesn't Appear to Rhyme with Anything: Kavu

Best Advertiser Whose Name Would Have Undoubtedly Been Inspired by Vito Corleone If Not for the Fact That He A) Keeled over and Died in His Garden with a Wedge of Orange in His Mouth, and B) Was Not a Real Person: Vito's

Best Advertiser Whose Name We Always Confuse at First Glance as Being "Intimate Theatre": Intiman Theatre

Best Advertiser Named after a Circular, Glowing Ring Often Residing Atop an Angel's Head: Halo

Best Advertiser Whose Name Forced Us to Look up the Word "Taproot" in the Dictionary : Taproot Theatre

Best Advertiser Whose Name Is a Cunning Combination of Both Its Street (Bell Street) and Its Neighborhood (Belltown): Two Bells Tavern

Best Advertiser Probably Not Named after a Gentleman Named Henry Art: Henry Art Gallery

Best Advertiser Employing a Play on Words: Sufferware

Best Advertiser Offering Teachings in le Cinema Outside of the United States: Vancouver Film School

Best Advertiser Utilizing a Character's Name from The Muppet Show: Scooters Seattle

Best Advertiser Whose Name Strangely Implies a Crumbling Sea Bird: Rusty Pelican Cafe

Best Advertiser Whose Name Rolls off the Tongue in a Particularly Languid Fashion: Pretty Parlor

Best Advertiser Named after an Unnamed Boulevard: Boulevard Media

Best Advertiser Utilizing a Successfully Bland Name to Cover Decidedly Non-Bland Enterprises: Consolidated Bookkeeping

Best Advertiser Named Tim Garon: Tim Garon

Best Advertiser Whose Name Is a Combination of Both a Soap and an Online Periodical: Ivory's Salon

Best Advertiser Whose Name Promises Unlimited Classics: Classics Unlimited

Best Advertiser Devoted to Fighting the Scourge of Unwanted Body Hair: Laser Works

Best Advertiser Whose Name Is Close to the Spanish Word for "House," but Whose Real Spanish Definition Escapes Us: Casita

Best Advertiser Specializing in Pizza Made by Pete: Pete's Pizza

Best Advertiser Currently Grilling up a Storm in Maple Leaf: Maple Leaf Grill

Best Advertiser Promising Food from That Other Coast: Other Coast Cafe

Best Advertiser Suggesting You Take More Than One: Take 2

Best Advertiser Whose Name Describes Both their Specialty as Well as a Major City Where Said Specialty Is a...Well, a Specialty: Sushi Tokyo

Best Advertiser Where a Stranger Staffer Can Be Found Sitting at a Table Reading Proust or Some Other Excessively Highbrow Author (Whom They Really Don't Understand, but Just Pretend To): Victrola Coffee & Art

Best Advertiser Whose Name Sounds Like a Live-Action Disney Film from the '80s: Wild Mountain Cafe

Best Advertiser Employing the Made-Up Word "Zootie": Zootie's Cafe

Best Advertiser Promoting Systems That Sneak Around: Stealth Systems, Inc

Best Advertiser Who Employs a Number of Local Musicians, Thereby Keeping Them Stable Enough to Pursue Their Rock 'n' Roll Dreams: Bimbo's Bitchin' Burritos

Best Advertiser Utilizing the Word "Segue": Segue Productions

Best Advertiser Utilizing the Word "Hat" Twice in Its Name: Hattie's Hat

Best Advertiser Utilizing the Singular Variation of a Word Used in the Title of a James Joyce Novel: Dubliner

Best Advertiser Whose Name Implies a Hustler Fitted to Meet Your Needs: Custom Hustler

Best Advertiser Bravely Surviving the Arrival of That Monolith Known as Barnes & Noble in Downtown Seattle: Borders Books & Music

Best Advertiser Whose Name Implies a Heavenly Bovine: Holy Cow Records

Best Advertiser Whose Name Can Also Double as a Musically Inclined Town: Guitarville

Best Advertiser Offering Hours of Phone Chatter: Livelines

Best Advertiser Named after an Expensive Serving Dish: Silver Platters

Best Advertiser Using the First Line of a Classic Anti-War Song ("Because It's One, Two, Three/What Are We Fighting For?/Don't Ask Me I Don't Give a Damn/My Next Stop Is Vietnam") to Sell Futons: Futon 1-2-3

Best Advertiser Named after Guemes Island: Guemes Island Fishing

Best Advertiser Not Located in Moss Alley: Moss Alley Motors

Best Advertiser Whose Theaters Should Be Easily Remembered: Landmark Theaters

Best Advertiser Named after Terry Hines and His/Her Colleagues: Terry Hines & Associates

Best Advertiser Whose Feats in Human Strength and Coordination Often Leave Us Feeling Bloated and Oafish: Cirque du Soleil

Best Advertiser Named after a Corporation Often Fought by the Rebel Alliance: The Empire, Inc

Best Advertiser Named after Their Address: 1200 Bistro & Lounge

Best Advertiser Also Named after Their Address: 35th Ave North

Best Advertiser(S) Offering Both Delicious Coffee and Delicious Homemade Donuts: Zeitgeist Coffee/Top Pot Coffee

Best Advertiser Whose Name Is Well Beyond Our French-Translating Capabilities: Au Bouchon

Best Advertiser Utilizing the Word "Odeon" in Its Name: Cineplex Odeon Theaters

Best Advertiser Who Specializes in Delicious Beer: Maritime Pacific Brewing

Best Advertiser Whose Name Would Make Karl Marx Proud: The People's Pub

Best Advertiser Whose Name We Like to Utter over and over Again Around the Office, Annoying Everyone Around Us: Pomodoro

Best Advertiser Named After Your Mother's Kitchen if Said Kitchen Was Located in Mexico: Mama's Mexican Kitchen

Best Advertiser Whose Name Reminds Us of a Men at Work Song: Downunder

Best Advertiser Whose Production Capabilities Are Boundless: Infinite Productions

Best Advertiser Whose Name Spelled out Phonetically Is "Dee Dubuyoo Produckshuns": DW Productions

Best Advertiser Offering Premier Soundworks: Premier Soundworks

Best Advertiser Whose Name Is Perfectly Bland: NW Media

Best Advertiser Whose Name Sounds Like a Roger Moore-Era Bond Villain: Double Trouble

Best Advertiser Who Would Be Offering Green Models if Not for the Possessive at the End of the Word "Green": Green's Models

Best Advertiser Whose Name Implies Suffocation: Stop Breathing Pictures

Best Advertiser Whose Name Is Brilliantly Redundant: Soup Daddy's Soup

Best Advertiser Whose Name Includes a Name Shouted out in Agony by Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront: Stella's Pizza & Ale

Best Advertiser Named after a Band Name That Includes Numbers in Said Name: No. 226

Best Advertiser Whose Name Completely Confuses Us: Two Monkey Finger

Best Advertiser Named after a Painful Trauma to the Snout: Broken Nose Productions

Best Advertiser Whose Initials Are "SAFA": Seattle Academy of Fine Arts

Best Advertiser Named after a Scientific Field That Gives Us the Heebie-Jeebies: UW Virology Research

Best Advertiser Named "Otis": Otis Cafe

Best Advertiser Offering Hearing Suggestions You Should Heed: Sound Advice Cellular

Best Advertiser Offering Textiles Provided by Sue Gundy: Sue Gundy Textiles

Best Advertiser Whose Initials We Hope Stand for "Super Tasty Antelopes" (But Probably Don't): STA Travel

Best Advertiser Whose Name, Geometrically, Is Described as Having One Line Called the Terminal Side, Another Line Called the Initial Side, and a Pointed Connection Called the Vertex (Plus a Third Line Whose Name Escapes Us): Triangle Pub

Best Advertiser Whose Name Is Also a Web Address:

Best Advertiser Offering Mohawks for the Special Price of $10: Rudy's Barbershop

Best Advertiser Offering Productions of Exquisitely Enjoyable (I.E., Superduperhappy) Quality: Cloud 9 Productions

Best Advertiser with the Name "Shari Altree Advertising": Shari Altree Advertising

Best Advertiser Whose Name Is a Misspelled Beginning to a Popular Children's Joke: Noc Noc

Best Advertiser Apparently Located in a Former Bait House: Bait House Coffee Shop

Best Advertiser Named after Either Its Owner or an Irish Historical Figure Whose Importance We Should Know but Do Not: Conor Byrne's

Best Advertiser Named after a Clever Band Name: First Name Last Name

Best Advertiser Offering a Kick-Ass Jukebox, a Wonderful Outdoor Patio, a Pseudo-Western Theme, and Tasty Drinks and Food: Linda's Tavern

Best Advertiser Whose Name We Often Stupidly Pronounce As "Galaway": Galway Arms

Best Advertiser Offering Both Cool Lasers and Fantasies, Apparently: Laser Fantasy

Best Advertiser Named after a Marketing Term Often Ignored by Those It Was Labeled Upon: Grunge

Best Advertiser Whose Name We Find Infinitely Intriguing: Lifestyles Playcouples

Best Advertiser Selling Records Both in West Seattle and on Lower Queen Anne: Easy Street Records

Best Advertiser Claiming to Make an Impact with the Media (and Obviously Succeeding Since We Are, Indeed, the Media and Are Currently Writing This Here Blurb About Them): Media Impact

Best Advertiser Combining the Words "Disc" and "Makers" Successfully into One Word: Discmakers

Best Advertiser Whose Name One Would Think We Would Be Able to Turn into Something Witty, but Can't: T&S Enterprises

Best Advertiser Who Uses the Word "Adobo": Adobo Taco Lounge

Best Advertiser with a Warm, Patriotic Name: American Friends Service

Best Advertiser Supplying Artists and Craftsmen: Artist & Craftsmen Supply

Best Advertiser Offering Medical Services on Highway 99: Aurora Medical Services

Best Advertiser Showcasing Art on the Eastside: Bellevue Art Museum

Best Advertiser Whose Name Conjures Images of an Evil Comic Book Character: Bizzarro Italian Cafe

Best Advertiser Whose Initials Spell out "BOB": Blue Onion Bistro

Best Advertiser Teaching Massage under the Moniker "Brenneke": Brenneke Massage School

Best Advertiser Using Two F's to Spell out "Cafe": Caffe Vita

Best Advertiser Providing Delicious Food Inside a Large, Colorful, Map-Filled Book: Atlas

Best Advertiser Providing Delicious Food Whilst Dancing: Jitterbug

Best Advertiser Providing Delicious Food Via a Kitchen on the Coast (But Not Really): Coastal Kitchen

Best Advertiser Whose Style Is Elite: Elite Style

Best Advertiser Whose Name May or May Not Be a Play on "In Exile": Enexile

Best Advertiser Offering All-You-Can-Eat Sushi: Nikko's

Best Advertiser Showcasing Smaller Films in Smaller Places: Northwest Film

Best Advertiser Hyping a Fabulous Seafood Fest: Ballard Chamber of Commerce

Best Advertiser of a Brew from Alaska: Alaska Brew

Best Advertiser Whose Business was Founded by Two Brothers: Widmer Ale

Best Advertiser Protecting the Rights of Americans (Even the Annoying Ones): The ACLU

Best Advertiser Currently in Possession of Madonna's Pointy-Bra Corset: The Experience Music Project

Best Advertiser for Straight, Lonely, Drunken Guys: Playboy TV

Best Advertiser Whose Fabulous Museum Bears a Most Prosaic Name: Henry Art Gallery

Best Advertiser Whose Name Is an Anagram for "A Sync Pee Leg Fits": Pete's Flying Aces

Best Advertiser Offering Photo Service to Musicians: Musicians Photo Service

Best Advertiser Whose Barbershop Is a Scream: Empire Inc.

Best Advertiser Whose Name Includes a Neil Young Song Title: Thrasher Presents

Best Advertiser Whose Name Is an Anagram of "Ebb Legume Wring Win": New Belgium Brewing

Best Advertiser Whose Name Is an Anagram of "Bed Goner Who Irk": Redhook Brewing

Best Advertiser Located Across the Street from the Lusty Lady: Seattle Art Museum

Best Advertiser Whose Product David Schmader's Dad Loves More Than Anything: Coors

Best Advertiser Whose Name Is an Anagram of "A Hoisted IV Runny": University Honda

Best Advertiser Willing to Exchange Your Buffalo: Buffalo Exchange

Best Advertiser Who Just Started Advertising with Us but We Already Love: High-Maintenance Skin Care