Gary Hill's glossodelic attractors

May Day riots: Smashy. Chihuly Garden and Glass: Tempting. Rachel Maddow at Town Hall: Nice-smelling. Dina Martina: Ample Wattage!: Pig in a blanket of talent. Gary Hill's glossodelic attractors at the Henry: Have you ever really looked at your hand? Wynne Greenwood at Lawrimore Project: Heady. Britta Johnson at Gallery4Culture: Mesmerizing. Hide/Seek at Tacoma Art Museum: Too gay. Riddled at Hugo House: Too soon. Exit, Pursued by a Bear at ArtsWest: There was no bear. Bed Snake at WET: Sexy. The Pitmen Painters at ACT: The pits. Or, at Seattle Rep: Oddly punctuated. The Miraculous Mandarin at Hing Hay Park: THINK OF THE CHILDREN! Spring Awakening at Balagan: Barely breathing. Cherdonna and Lou at Velocity: Transcendent transdance. Oklahoma! at 5th Avenue: Hipster racism (minus hipsters). Trimpin at On the Boards: Too much talking. Madama Butterfly at Seattle Opera: Better than basketball. Hoodies Up! at Rainier Valley Cultural Center: Intense. Sweet Nothing at Annex: Sweet, nothing. Cafe Nordo's Cabinet of Curiosities at Washington Hall: The venue was the star. SIFF: Still thanking sponsors. Devouring Time at Western Bridge: No!!! Please!!! Change your minds, Ruth and Bill!!!!!!!

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