MAY 9, 2002 · VOL. 11, NO. 34

by A. Birch Steen
Stranger Ombudsman & OSHA Board of Governors Member

FRONT OF BOOK Letters: Back to half a page again... Last Days: Didn't read... NEWS News Lead: The Stranger seems to have finally crossed the line from somewhat inept journalism to outright activism... News Follow(s): It's good to see a little religion in The Stranger... Five to Four: For two weeks in a row now, Mr. Feit has delivered a coherent, interesting column... SHORT FEATURE: Why does The Stranger insist on mocking the recently deceased? Do they have no soul?... FEATURE: Painfully long/unable to finish... FILM Film Lead: The Stranger resorts to giving away "treats" in order garner attention from readers (have they alienated all of Seattle?)... Film Follow(s): Didn't read; Predictably, Josh Feit hated the very movie he destroyed in print (without having seen it) the week before; Didn't read... BOOKS Books Lead: Skimmed... ART Didn't read... THEATER Three small reviews (does The Stranger even have a Theater Editor anymore?)... CHOW Ms. Liao actually has some disparaging words about a restaurant for once... MUSIC Music Lead: More than a little masturbatory... Music Follow(s): Didn't read; Skimmed; Skimmed (a fairly dull week, reading-wise)... ETC. The Band: Didn't read... One-Night Stand: Ms. Maerz shouldn't abuse her position as a columnist to grind personal axes... Celeb I Saw U: Too gay... I Love TV: Didn't read... Savage Love: A moral minefield this week. Not only does Mr. Savage promote the homosexual lifestyle to non-homosexuals (as usual), but he also seeks the advice of a male prostitute. Very troubling... Control Tower: Didn't read... Obits: Didn't read.