June 27, 2002 · VOL. 11, NO. 41
by A. Birch Steen
Stranger Ombudsman & OSHA Board of Governors Member

FRONT OF BOOK Letters: A full page for two weeks in a row. I would like to think that Stranger editor Dan Savage is finally heeding my criticisms. Unfortunately, experience informs me otherwise... Last Days: Didn't read... NEWS Mr. Feit's complaint to me demanding that I read the news section

before critiquing it did not fall upon deaf ears. I did indeed read the entire section this week, and am now warning Stranger readers not to make the same mistake... FEATURE: The "Queer Issue." This may be an obvious question, but isn't every edition of The Stranger a queer issue? FILM Film Lead: Not much of a film section this week (just one article). Was cinema shoved aside to make room for more immoral homosexual essays?... BOOKS Didn't read... ART See Books... THEATER See Books, Art... CHOW See Books, Art, Theater... MUSIC See Books, Art, Theater, Chow... ETC. One-Night Stand: Skimmed, quickly discarded... It's My Party: Didn't read... Celeb I Saw U: Adrian Ryan's complaints against me in his feeble-headed column in no way mitigate the fact that his column is way too gay... I Love TV: Also too gay... Savage Love: Per usual, unnecessarily filthy (and too gay)... Obits: Didn't read.