August 1, 2002 · VOL. 11, NO. 46

FRONT OF BOOK Letters: A full page, the bulk of which is taken up with a hysterically long correction from last week's issue. Anyone searching for evidence of The Stranger's general ineptness need look no further than this week's section... Last Days: Smart, entertaining, and well written... NEWS In regard to Josh Feit's monorail vs. light rail story: It is a pleasant surprise to see The Stranger's news section relying on facts and hard data to back up a story for a change... FEATURE: A smart read. Perhaps I should pay more attention to Emily Hall's arts writing?... FILM Why is Dan Savage reviewing a film he has not seen? Why is Savage reviewing a film, period?... BOOKS Didn't read... ART No coverage available to read this week... THEATER A well-written profile by David Schmader, who is quite possibly The Stranger's strongest writer (see also Last Days). CHOW Didn't read... MUSIC If Bradley Steinbacher were intelligent enough to ask smart, insightful questions during an interview, maybe his profile pieces wouldn't be so painfully bland to read. In the future, Steinbacher should stick to penning articles on the pornographic industry, an "art form" he is apparently able to comprehend... ETC. It's My Party: Didn't read... Celeb I Saw U: Too gay... I Love TV: Didn't read... Savage Love: Savage's firm stand against sibling incest suggests at least a hint of moral fiber within his rigorously immoral self... Obits: Didn't read.