FRONT OF BOOK Letters: Only a half page, with a rather lengthy notice of corrections at the bottom that merely showcases just how inept The Stranger's editorial employees can be.... Last Days: A rather sober column this week/a pleasant read.... NEWS A meticulous, well-researched article on James Ujaama by Josh Feit that is unfortunately overshadowed elsewhere in the section by a rather insipid, immature attack against Mr. Feit's competitor at the Seattle Weekly.... FEATURE: Didn't read.... FILM A surprise! Sean Nelson has actually penned a film review that is both well written and a service to the film being reviewed. Perhaps this is a fluke? The image of a thousand chimpanzees typing on typewriters certainly comes to mind.... THEATER None.... BOOKS Didn't read.... ART Didn't read.... CHOW Unavailable at deadline.... MUSIC A rather narrowly focused section this week. Does The Stranger believe there is only one "type" of music in Seattle worth writing about?... ETC. It's My Party: Didn't read.... Celeb I Saw U: Too gay.... I Love TV: Just gay enough.... Savage Love: Savage finally announces the "winner" of his underwear contest. Such a long wait between the contest's end and the announcement of the winner should cast a shadow of suspicion as to the contest's authenticity. Then again, scruples have never been Mr. Savage's (or The Stranger's, for that matter) strong suit.... Obits: Didn't read.