December 19, 2002 · VOL. 12, NO. 14Dear Stranger Readers: Last week's travesty that was A Critical Overview was in no way affiliated with myself, A. Birch Steen. The replacement of my column with the lyrics to a filthy "rap" song, specifically the song "Me So Horny" by a "musical" group named 2 Live Crew (or so my attorneys have informed me), should not be interpreted as writings from me nor as work presented on my behalf. The Stranger's publisher, Tim Keck, has informed me that my column was mistakenly replaced "due to a production error," an excuse I find extremely hard to believe. Nay, the real fault with such a debacle must surely belong to The Stranger's editor, Dan Savage, whose rigorously immature nature has long been a blight within the paper's pages. Just why Mr. Savage decided to attack me (and it was most definitely an attack) in such a harsh, offensive manner shall be left for the courts to decide, but his decision will absolutely have severe consequences, especially as I prepare my A Critical Overview: The Year 2002 for publication in The Stranger's pages in the coming weeks. You have been warned, Mr. Savage. Oh yes, you have been warned....


A. Birch Steen

Stranger Ombudsman