NEWS ANGELA VALDEZ reports on a controversial and, according to some, racist editorial that appeared in a local community college's student newspaper. Why is The Stranger policing the editorial content of a student newspaper? Perhaps because they are the publications with worse standards, track records, and proofreading than the one in your hands. ALSO: Take a guess what ERICA C. BARNETT is ranting about this week. There are two choices: the viaduct or nightclubs. If you guessed the latter, you're correct. If you guessed the former, check next week's paper. PLUS: A glowing profile of a local man abusing the initiative process, and DAN SAVAGE waxes bitter and gay about Mary Cheney. FINALLY: In the Hall, In Other News, and From Slog—also known as the "Axis of Stupidity."

SHORT FEATURE Crystal Mess ELI SANDERS, the lone Stranger scribe with a perceivable conscience (not to mention journalistic training), offers up a scary story about a new, possibly drug-resistant strain of HIV in Seattle's gay community. It's a good read that is unfortunately marred by Mr. Sanders's attempts to scold drug users—a scolding that rings particularly hollow in the pages of this publication. I recall reading a recipe for pot-laced mashed potatoes in this publication shortly before the holidays, and a story about consuming "magic mushrooms" shortly thereafter. Want to help stop reckless drug use? If I may paraphrase Our Savior, perhaps you should remove the "kind bud" from the bongs of your employers, Mr. Sanders, before attempting to take the meth pipes from the hands of your fellow sodomites.

FEATURE Stranger Valentines 2007 Normally I would rail against such piffle as printing mushy missives from readers. But anything that consumes so much editorial real estate is a positive development.