NEWS If the news section's most prolific hypocrite, ERICA C. BARNETT, really wanted to do something for the environment, she could save more than a few trees by shortening the length of her "articles" on the subject, all of which can be summed up in a few words: "You're killing the planet; ask me how." Alas, Ms. Barnett's noxious (and obnoxious) carbon footprint continues to pollute these strips of dead wood; this week she lectures readers on—shocker!—the perils of caving to highway lobbyists. ALSO: JONAH SPANGENTHAL-LEE adds another tabloid feather in his dunce cap by filing a story on a deceased prostitute. While I'm certainly no soothsayer, I see a stint at Inside Edition in Spangenthal-Lee's future. PLUS: CounterIntel, In Other Neighborhoods, From Slog, In Other News, Primary Election Primer, and Police Beat.

FEATURE A Month of SundaysRegular readers of my weekly critique are well aware that The Stranger, as an institution, has long been intolerant of religion. On a certain level, the animosity is understandable. When one populates his newspaper with nothing but heathens and homos, as Mr. Savage has so gleefully done, the teachings of Jesus, no matter how true and powerful, are bound to collide with deaf ears. So imagine my shock when, upon having this week's issue forwarded to me for review, I came across a feature package devoted entirely to religion. Said package: "A Month of Sundays," wherein 30 Stranger pens are unleashed upon 30 different services in a single day. Surprisingly, no lightning bolts were spotted in the city last week. However, I await the certain-to-come reports of collection-plate pilfering, full moons spotted through stained-glass windows, and funny stuff substituted for frankincense.