This week's news section finds The Stranger spoon-feeding two of its favorite crybaby constituencies: the pinkos and the NIMBYs. For pinkos: a report on sheriff's deputies dishing out some deserved justice to biking scofflaws. (Just how The Stranger's writers found the time for reporting with so many "Free Mumia!" T-shirts yet to be designed remains a mystery.) As for the NIMBYs, THOMAS FRANCIS coughs up some wordage on a local neighborhood being against—surprise, surprise—a commercial development. PLUS: In Other News and Police Beat.

SHORT FEATURE: Savvy Science

ANNIE WAGNER, previous destroyer of theater troupes, current annihilator of decent film criticism, sets aside her cyanide-laced pen for a week to file a surprisingly noteworthy piece on the recently approved HPV vaccine.

FEATURE: Corralling Clubland

ERICA C. BARNETT, she of the woefully unchecked obsession with Mayor Greg Nickels's viaduct plans, "branches out" this week to report on Mayor Greg Nickels's nightclub regulations. There are two sides to this battle: those who desire a decent night's sleep, and those who prefer to spend their days in an alcoholic stupor, arrogantly disregarding social concerns in the pursuit of wasteful oblivion. Guess which side The Stranger comes down on. Go ahead, guess.