After last week's admirable work, The Stranger's news section returns to form, beginning with JOSH FEIT squealing like a stuck pig over U.S. Senate hopeful Mike McGavick's stance on intelligent design. As Mr. Feit and the rest of The Stranger staff can attest, the only supernatural being worth pondering is the Magical Pot Fairy. (Put your journalistic credibility under a pillow and the fairy replaces it with a dime bag in the middle of the night.) But our Lord? Any mention of Him—any hint—must be kept out of our schools at all costs. ALSO: SARAH MIRK waxes cursory about the proposed property-rights initiative, and—speaking of the Magical Pot Fairy—JEN GRAVES abandons her post as resident paint-blotch contemplator to report on a minor—and I do mean minor—tizzy between Hempfest and the city. PLUS: CounterIntel, In the Hall, In Other News, and Police Beat

FEATURE: 206 Hiphop in 2006

It's long been my understanding that hiphop, or "rap music," is little more than the celebration of murder, excessive drinking, and the exploitation of women. How fitting then that The Stranger has chosen to put together an entire feature package—scribbled down by such luminaries as CHARLES MUDEDE and... well, some other people—trumpeting Seattle's own hiphoppers.