Don't Look Behind the Couch

Slow Loris: Thumbs Up

Danial Hellman: Get Naked

Pied Nu: Cute but Poisonous

Joel Leshefka: Man as Magnet

Craftwork: Where to Get It

Piece of Crap vs. Piece of Craft

'Tis nearly the season for the hordes to descend upon downtown's chain stores for an orgy of mindless consumption. Fuck that. Why give your friends and relatives made-in-China crap from monstrous global corporations when you can give them made-by-hand crafts from actual local individuals? A new urban arts-and-crafts movement is under way, and Seattle is one of the centers of it. "Crafts" no longer means macramé plant holders, knitted acrylic afghans, and driftwood clocks—we're talking about hand-forged jewelry, recycled-bike-tire messenger bags, unique screen-printed T-shirts, and all manner of one-of-a-kind shit. Here's all you need to know to do the right thing and look like a genius doing it.