Based on a novel by Michael Muhammad Knight, and directed by Eyad Zahra, The Taqwacores is a raw and messy feature film that expresses punk energy in Muslim terms. The universal is punk, and the specific culture that’s transformed by this universal is the culture of Islam, the third Abrahamic religion. The center of the story is a Pakistani-American college student, but its main punk-power is generated by a young and rebellious woman who wears a burka. Her Islamic radical feminism is everything a revolution should be: destructive and creative, old and new, angry and cheerful. The burka does not negate her femininity but strangely, wonderfully empowers it. Somehow her sexlessness makes her sexuality all the more apparent and dangerous. The timing for this film could not be better—it arrives in Seattle during Egypt’s social eruption. For the Islamic world, tomorrow can only be a brighter day. recommended