It’s hard not to view Thin Ice as an acting competition between two men. In one corner, you have Greg Kinnear, playing a sleazy insurance agent named Mickey Prohaska who’s willing to gamble on any get-rich-quick scheme he stumbles across. In the opposite corner, you have Billy Crudup as a psychopathic locksmith named Randy. When Randy gets involved with Prohaska’s plot to steal a valuable violin from a clueless old man (the impeccable Alan Arkin), someone winds up dead, and the attempts by the two men to cover up their crimes only get them deeper in trouble. With his simmering temper and angry eyes, Crudup gives the film a necessary weight and acts rings around the bland Kinnear, who’s become the Patron Saint of Average Indie Movie Performances. Thin Ice feels a bit generic at times, but a few nifty reversals of fortune make the whole thing into a solid little caper film. recommended

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