You are hosting a sex party, advertised on a popular site for guys who like to screw au naturel. Your invitation said that it was only for HIV-negative guys. After I sent you my profile and a jpeg of my face and body, you invited me to attend, but I have a confession, you stupid motherfucker. I'm a top and I'm HIV-positive. You require that your partners be HIV-negative, but guess what? That idiotic thinking of yours has created a population of HIV-positive men, high on crystal and protease inhibitors, who lie about their status. Maybe they do it on purpose because they're satanic wackos, or maybe because your ass is just too sweet to pass up. Saying that you'll bareback only with other HIV-negative guys is like leaving your wallet at a bar at midnight on a Friday and expecting it to be there two hours later; people just aren't that honest. Lucky for you, you're actually not that hot, so I'm not planning on attending your party of fools. But while some airheaded "negative" fag porks your boorish manhole, leaving a trail of pre-ejaculate, or drops his sticky goo inside you, think about how many times you've lied to people who could never find out, and then go out and make sure you have good medical insurance, 'cause HIV is an expensive illness to treat, babe.